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Dear My Fellow Everyday Mom,

I'm so glad you are here! As women, we live with competing priorities each day and it’s easy to feel tension and frustration as we struggle with too much stuff, too much perfection, too many busy schedules. Some days we feel SUPER energized and capable of taking on what comes at us.  We feel confident in the decisions we are making and the direction we are going.

It's amazing to feel this way. Truly.

Then we have a day where it all feels like big question marks. Uncertainty. Indecision. Moments of disorganization. Two steps forward and five steps back.

I spent a few years feeling LACK and attempting to find balance in my life. I had everything I thought I wanted, but wasn't feeling joy and fulfillment each day. So I followed the nudge to change. 

Trust in yourself. Listen to the part of you that continues to nudge you with the words, "I'm capable. You've got this."  

You can simplify, organize and thrive. You can do life better. Follow the nudge Mama because you are ready for change. Always rooting for you!

~ Bethany


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